Sherdes was Orlando’s representative for the Woman of the World Poetry Slam 2017 and ranks 27th, internationally, in the world of women poets. She is Orlando’s current Grand Slam Champion (the #1 ranked slam poet in Orlando, Florida), and was a member of Orlando’s national team, Team Olympus, that competed in the National Poetry Slam 2017. She has also been featured in Artborne Magazine's March 2017 edition. Aside from traveling for competitions, she has featured at countless open mics and shows and has self published a collection of poems in her chapbooks, "Stained Glass Windows" and "For the Parts That Bleed".
Sherdes' poems speak on anything that gets her heart strings strumming; her topics range from love and heartbreak, mental health issues, and social issues.  A prominent member of the community, her creative work spans multiple artistic disciplines as she engages in poetry, photography, videography,and illustration. When she's not out rocking mics, taking pics, or creating at her desk; she can be found outside exploring, drooling over her next travel destination, or dropping some funky dance moves in her fluffy socks with a cider in hand. She also likes pizza...a lot
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